Link images

You can link the images of movies and actors with MyAPIFilms. Only need a token and do a donation. Then, you get a temporal link to use it in your web or application. Gettting a link will count as a request. However, once the name of the image has been served, requesting the image woun't count as a request. If you want more information, you can send an email to


How Works

- Make a request to{idImdb}, where {idImdb} is the Movie or Actor id. For example:<YOUR_TOKEN>

- If you want, you can specify the size of the image adding the parameter &fullSize=1

- You will get a response like this: {"data":{"link":"g9seio9edd9p7nm76ntimguch1.jpg","expires":"2024/07/21 22:49:24"},"about":{"version":"2.51.1"}}

- Use the link field to get the image:{link}:

- The field expires indicates when the link will not be accessible any more